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Let me guess, you’re looking for an image host that cuts out all of the rubbish and just provides you with a smooth platform you can utilize in order to share your material with the world? Well the good news is that PostImage is here to help. It’s a very basic image sharing service that cuts out all the rubbish to provide you with just the bare essentials of uploading and sharing photos.

PostImage.org is actually adult-friendly, although it does request that you tick a little box in order to confirm that fact. You can upload a number of files at one time using the standard computer browse function and even give links for where some files are located that you want stored on PostImage.org.

The site loads fast and does everything that you’d want from a standard image sharing platform. Nothing too technically advanced and certainly no attempts to reinvent the wheel – I like it, and if you want a quick and dirty way to get your porn out there, I might suggest you utilize this site.

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