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Dumppix.com is a porn image hosting. It will not give you a fancy layout or modern designs, but it will give you exactly what you need: a place where you can upload your adult pic collection in order to keep it safe. They have an interesting logo, with a truck dumping photos and an interesting motto: “Unmetered free image hosting”.

You can upload up to 8MB per image file and there is no limit in the amount of pictures. It does not require a membership to host your photos and you will be given links to post your materials wherever you want: forums, blogs or torrent sites. You can choose if you want your upload to be public or private.

They share a simple form for upload so this means that, even if you are not a professional in this job, you will be able to do your thing without any real problems. You can make multiple uploads by default and you can choose between adult or non-adult pictures. They allow extensions like JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG or ICO. In another words, they took care of everything. Right now, they have this total number of uploads: 2,000,000 +.

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