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Stooorage is a minimalist image host that uses the tagline ‘yes, that is three Os’. I can’t be entirely sure what the title is all about, but after visiting the site I do get the keen sense that this is a no-nonsense location for sharing your pictures with the world. It has a very minimalist interface that lends itself heavily in the favor of people that want a quick way to get their material out there.

Stooorage.com accepts both files uploaded from your PC as well as those submitted via URLs on other sites. It has a default number of upload fields set to 4, but by using the ‘more fields’ button, you can add more to the mix. Oh, you might also want to consider using the Flash-based upload software to speed things up a little.

Stooorage doesn’t appear to have any limitations on the number of files you can upload, but it does put a maximum cap on the size as 5 Mb. Files last forever and with around 8 years of uptime, it doesn’t appear this quality image host is going anywhere anytime soon.

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