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I like EroShare and the layout that it puts on the table when you enter the homepage. I also like the author’s word written there “Dear Redditor, I hope I created the perfect photo & video host! Do you have questions or feedback? PM me on Reddit or read the FAQ. Cheers, Randy”. Well, Randy, you did a pretty good job, if you ask me.

What exactly is EroShare? It is a porn platform that will take care of photo and video hosting for free. All you need to do is sign up and sign in to start uploading your dirty adult videos and sex pics. You can login via Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or by email. It will take exactly 4 seconds to sign up, because they will only ask for your password, password confirmation and your email.

The homepage will show you nothing else besides what I have told you above. Free porn video hosting platforms are places where you don’t go for a walk. You come here with a precise target: you want to upload porn videos and photos and you want to do it on a hosting that likes porn. And who likes porn more than EroShare?

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