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Dam Image is a simple site that has but one function: to allow you to upload photographs to the Internet and then share them with the world in an easy, quick fashion. DamImage.com isn’t 100% focused on adult content, but it has a policy that allows anyone with a particular interest in sharing X-rated porn to not get their content removed as a result of it being a little saucier than most images out there.

DamImage.com allows single upload, mass-file sending, remote features and even a way to create a gallery with pre-selected thumbnail sizes. The servers are quite quick and they make sure any content uploaded is online and ready to be shared in a matter of seconds.

I suggest you sign up before uploading anything: it gives you full control over your content and if at a later date you want to remove an image, it’s very easy and quick to do. All in all, DamImage.com doesn’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to hosting images, but certainly offers a great alternative to the big names out there.

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