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In the modern era of online porn, there are plenty of fans that find reading erotica to be just as fulfilling as watching hardcore sex videos. There’s quite a huge disconnect between movies that showcase other people fucking and romantic adult sex stories that you can involve yourself in a naughy fantasy. A real personal, primal association is made with 18+ novels and because of this, I’ve done everything I can to compare and contrast the best and most famous XXX destinations on the Internet for you to read sexy publications.

Believe me when I say that I spent a long time taking a look at what people want from (interactive) erotic story websites and how that can be delivered in the most useful and simple way possible. During my research, I discovered that this niche is mostly popular, favorited and loved by women, certainly since the erotic romance novel “fifty shades of grey” was published. The storyline is about a 21yo virgin student that discovers the kinky BDSM lifestyle like bondage, submission, spanking and female domination with an older guy. (Did you know that this best-seller sold more copies than the entire Harry Potter series combined and that feminists tried to boycott its movie adaptation, because it glorified abusive relationships and violence towards girls?) Categories with free adult stories about incest/taboo, non-consent/reluctance, oral slut wife lovers, first time anal, lesbian fetish, drunk sex, cheating and forced fantasy rape had the most material and probably makes their pussy wet as fuck :D

When it comes to rating and reviewing quality erotic stories, XXX tales and porno literature from amateur and professional authors, I like to think that I’m an authority on the subject. Here at ThePornDude, you get a no-nonsense approach to appreciating porn that a number of people simply love. I’m confident, intelligent and if you listen to what I have to say, I guarantee you’ll have some damn good fun with these archives that contain a collection of 100 % free erotic stories, poetry, great indian sex stories, desi novels and (audio) eBooks. There’s nothing more powerful as mind control by using your own imagination to satisfy your hornyness, lust and sexual fantasies, when reading a porn story during masturbation and getting that shocking orgasm!

Got an interesting idea for a straight, gay or transgender sexual explicit book? A true love poem? Erotic short stories? Are you creative and you want to become an erotic fiction writer? Many of these free sex stories sites on my top porn list also accept homemade submissions, if you feel like writing a hot erotic story yourself and sharing it with the community or adult social networks. Yes, (true) family incest sex stories about mom, dad, son and daughter or taboo sex stories with animals are also accepted. I know some of you sick fucks can’t stop fantasizing about fucking your own brother, sister or dog ;)

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