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I honestly thought I would be viewing a site dedicated to big butts when I first noticed the web address. I was completely wrong! Asstr is an adult site stories repository. Once you get past the warning page, you’re taken to a list of most recent adult stories that have been uploaded.

If reading erotica is your thing, these stories are all completely free and user submitted. You simply find a story with a title that takes your fancy, click on it and boom you’re taken to a text based story that you can read in your own time. If you click on collections, you are taken to a sort of categories option where you can filter the stories with one click. Asian Sex Stories, Blackmail and Humilation and Leslita are all collections that users have created of stories that will fill your needs.

There’s also a search form on the homepage to search through stories and a drop down box in the top right where you can navigate the site to other pages like top downloads, writers resources and more. Perhaps you’d like to write and upload your own story?

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