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Well here’s a fetish that I didn’t think would have its own website – going by the name of Indian Sex Stories, this site is, well, I hope you can figure it out all by yourself. Yup – that’s right – devoted to nothing but the best in X-rated tales as told from the point of view of Indian erotica writers.

Indian Sex Stories has thousands of stories in its archive – in fact, there are 12,000 just in the ‘couple’ category alone. You’ll find Indian sex stories covering virgins, teachers, maids and more – both gay and straight stories are told, but the latter is by far the more populated on the site.

Navigating around is pretty easy and the stories themselves are all posted in attractive text formats. The stories are a pleasure to read and written by a mixture of people. Lengths vary, and some are even written based on true events. People from all over are welcome to submit their tales, so if you have something to submit, feel free to do so.

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