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I’ve always said that the world of erotic stories has really been under-appreciated by a lot of people. There’s just a whole new level of pleasure associated with reading erotica that puts it on a sexual level porn simply can’t achieve. Anyway, today I came across Nifty.org, and I’m pleased to announce that it has become my latest favorite place for naughty stories.

The site was established over 20 years ago and has more than 200,000 stories in its archive. There are around 10,000 contributors that have all worked hard to provide the best erotica known to man. The site updates regularly with new stories and is pretty much a perfect place to get your hands on the naughtiest text around.

Nifty has a lot of alternative sex stories here, and I’d say its biggest category by far is gay erotica. They also have bisexual, lesbian and transgender stories too if those are likely to float your boat. You might also enjoy the special archive area – some people post some interesting stories here that you won’t find anywhere else.

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