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If you love reading adult erotica, you probably know there aren’t that many decent places to get your fix. Solo Touch is a site you’re gonna want to bookmark. It’s completely free, and contains some of the hottest masturbation erotica around.

The homepage is well designed and easy to use. All of your navigation options are along the top in a navigation bar, with the newest stories presented in the middle of the page. Not only do you get an excerpt of the story, but also who it was posted by, the age of the writer, categories, tags and of course comments.

Click through to any of these stories and you’ll get the whole text. No need to register here. You can either read online or print to save for later. On the left you can filter your porn by category which is simply male-female, male-male, female-solo etc. You get the idea. If you want something a bit more specific you can use tags on the right which are more descriptive like caught, vibrator and breasts.

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