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Shoosh Time is somewhat similar to eFukt. In fact, I would hazard the call of being a liar and actually call it a straight-up copy of the original funny porn website. Not that it’s a bad thing, of course. After all, copies can be pretty damn good (twins, anyone?). If you’re not familiar with what type of scenes I’m talking about when I mention ‘funny’, it’s basically mishaps, comedic sessions or massive fails. That said, Shoosh Time also includes some normal adult entertainment for you to enjoy. Chances are you’ll get a little horny looking at the funny clips, so it can’t hurt to enjoy some top notch porn either, right?

The site has a way for you to contribute and there’s even a leader board of people based on who’s done the most for the site. Naturally, scenes are split up into various categories to help you find what you want. Search through funny porn clips in the MILF, redhead, teen and brunette categories with ease. (Certainly look up some videos of “Whitney Wisconsin”. That chick is mental!)

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