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I have to admit that ‘News Filter’ is a bit of a weird name for a site that publishes porn videos, but I guess you kind of have to accept that some sites are going to have misleading titles from time to time. Perhaps this is the explanation for News Filter, and that it’s really designed so that people like you can browse porn without any alarm bells ringing for the wife. After all, who would expect NewsFilter.org to be about hot hardcore sex?

Anyway, on this site, you’ll find a classic tube that has but one purpose: to reveal and show off porn of a huge variety. Whether it’s public blowjobs, Arabian anal or busty professional pornstars eating ass(I even saw some amputee porn!), you’re getting yourself a nice dose of porn that isn’t focused on any one subject. There’s plenty of amateur content here too, so if you fancy yourself as a person that enjoys homemade entertainment, NewsFilter.org is absolutely perfect.

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