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When you want porn sites that have a little bit of comedy attached, places like DaftPorn.com are perfect. I’m not sure if the site is supposed to be read as Da Ft Porn, or Daft – either way, it does make you go ‘what the fuck?’ and also comes across as a little daft, so I guess both are okay.

The site updates with new scenes multiple times a day and features sex that’s especially weird, wonderful or interesting. The sidebar has a list of sections including sick and gore, wild, shocking, mature, fucked up and inhuman porn: I don’t know about you, but those category names are exactly what I’m after when looking for funny porn places!

Clicking on the scenes will take you to a video page that streams the clips in a relatively standard resolution. The scenes range from professional to amateur, although I’d say the split is around 80/20 respectively. All in all, a nice place to pick up some weird and wonderful porn that makes you laugh.

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