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With Pururin.com and ExHentai.org dead, it was normal for the authors to rise from their ashes like the mythical creature Phoenix. It would be no surprise, since everything surrounding this niche that they share is made out of magic big tits, charmed asses and whatever the fuck …

NHentai.net needs no introduction since the domain name will tell you everything about this place. It’s a free hentai manga and doujinshi reader with currently over 165,000 galleries to read and download. That’s it, nothing else, nothing more. But, if you are a true fan of this type of adult entertainment, look no further. NHentai really knows what you want and they did everything in their power to deliver it to you. And with a very nice layout that works pretty smooth, I see no flaws around here.

You will have a few columns on the homepage where you will be able to access their latest updates. Scroll to reach the menu that will allow you to see other posts or to be able to chat with other users. Yeah, they have a live chat for their visitors. Every online community should and must be like a big family, right? Click on the screenshot and see what they have!

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