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UrbanHentai.com is one of the simpliest tubes I have ever seen. And one of the best. It will not ruin your mood with all sorts of animations, whatever buttons and useless functions. Not at all! Except for a sorting capability that has options like date, title, views, likes, comments or random, a Likes button where you can add your favorites (without a registered account, but based on cookies) and a menu that will allow you to sort between pages, you won’t have anything else! It’s perfect!

The layout is clean and it will show a homepage filled with thubmnails for posts. Under every each and one of them, you will see titles, number of views, comments and a rating system. Let me tell you one thing: this site is damn popular! Brother, daaaamn popular! I see tens of thousands of views per every post. What I don’t like is the fact that there is no preview on the screen captures.

Once you are within the post, you will have a tags cloud where you can proceed with similar content. If you want, you can download the hentai scene. Lovely site! Really! Click on the screenshot and see UrbanHentai right now!

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