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Once you are in, you will get this: “AdBlocker detected! Dear fapper, please consider turning your adblocker off on HentaiPulse.com or add us to the whitelist. To keep the servers running we need money, which all comes from the ads you are blocking! Thank you very much and happy fapping”. Why? Why do they do that? In my opinion, every AdBlocker user will leave and never come back! It is frustrating to tell me to close the thing I am using to have my ass protected of so many ads! That ads you want me too see …

Hmm! Let me try and concentrate again! The layout looks pretty good, clean, white and it starts with the latest scenes. All of them are added under thumbnails. You will also see titles, date of upload, number of views, comments and rating. Scroll to reach Weekly Popular Hentai or Most Liked Hentai. In the sidebar, see Recent Comments, Latest Subbed or the Latest RAW.

Well, besides that annoying AdBlocker plugin issue, HentaiPulse is a pretty good website! They cover lots of genres and they can be found in the navigation bar (alphabetical menu). Click on the screenshot and prepare to see great hentai!

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