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Although Hentai and toon porn isn’t really ThePornDon’s thing, I understand the need for variety and providing decent quality sites in all sorts of niches. My Hentai is a high quality hentai site filled with anime movies!

The homepage shows latest news and underneath a bunch of thumbnails to choose from. Click on one of these and after closing an advert you can play the movie of your choice. Some real effort goes into making these movies and many are up to 30 minutes long! The Hentai Series list page shows the different series that are on offer. I must admit I felt a bit lost on this site since it’s not the porn I normally watch, but after a bit of browsing I soon got the hang of where things were.

Genres is a good place to start if you’re either new to this niche or if you know what you want to watch. There are plenty of categories to choose from including Dildos, POV, Sci-Fi and many more, some of which I didn’t understand but if you like Hentai, you probably will!

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