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I’ve seen many hentai porn websites until now and I really think that you can call me a “guru” of this niche. Generally, I am a guru of everything when it comes to porn, but in this business, there are some niches much more popular than others and because of that, many destinations run under your eyes. And because hentai is so popular, more and more websites will be invented. Today we have HentaiPlay.net, an adult blog that has english subbed materials, uncensored content, 3D hentai, series and more.

The layout is playful, but it is no surprise. This is the trend for this. You should take a look at their tags cloud that can be found in the sidebar: anal, bondage, gangbang, internal cumshot, lactation and Emma Watson. Heh, just kidding, Potter!

The homepage starts with their latest updates and everything is arranged in 3 columns. Don’t waste time looking for the menu that will allow you to browse between pages, because there is no such thing. In order to see more, you need to push on the “More” buttons. It makes sense, right? Fanboy, do you know what hentai is? It has nothing to do with Apple!

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