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Nude selfies? Who doesn’t like them? And these naked amateur selfies are amazing and so hot. Trust me (of course you do, I am ThePornDon), you will see some of the most gorgeous girls on the planet. You can even upload your own personal selfies, as long as it is indeed a selfie, not a revenge photo or a bullying submission. Also, there is a 180 lb weight limit. They accept maximum 2 photos.

The website itself is very simple and except for the photos, the upload button and the page menu, you will see nothing else. But, who cares for something else when you have such amateur beauties? Yu can even vote selfies that you like or add them into a favorites album. Surprise suprise: you don’t need a username to do that.

While on a selfie, you can access the most popular nude pics, a top based on votes done by visitors. Imagine that I have seen some porn in my life and some naked women, amateurs or pornstars and by that I want you to understand that I have experience. This means that I can rate a good website when I see one: YoloSelfie kicks some ass!

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