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If you love amateur teen porn and you don’t wanna pay for it, AmaBitch might be right up your alley. A simple site with a bunch of thumbnails on the homepage, AmaBitch has some really cute teens here and you can tell none of the content is shot in a studio, with a script!

You’ll notice that some of the thumbnails look very similar, almost like a gallery. Click on a thumbnail and instead of taking you to a collection of photos from that scene, you’re taken to an advertising page, which you have to get rid of before you get to view a bigger version of the thumbnail you selected. This can get pretty annoying since most times you click on a new thumbnail, the advert comes back.

There are also a lot of popups on this site, you’ll be closing windows constantly. The one savior of this site is that it’s updated daily, and everything is proper amateur content, however ThePornDon feels there are better free sites out there.

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