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I don’t think the Wet Pussy Games is ever going to be considered an Olympic event, but the name alone gets my vote. Anyway, Wet Pussy Games is a site that promotes itself as being a hub of hentai games, videos and cartoon releases. It’s 100% free and allows you to do a bunch of things that all basically revolve around you getting involved with the content you enjoy.

Wet Pussy Games has stuff like a Tifa BDSM simulation (smash up that chick from Final Fantasy VII!), hentai blowjob simulator and a bunch of costume themed games too. I’m not sure if all of the games are original, but the art style definitely leads me to assume a number of the releases are done by the same person.

What I like most about Wet Pussy Games is that it seems to be maintained by someone that loves hentai – not some shady business or a guy trying to make cash. For that reason, I give this hentai porn game hub a solid 5 out of 5!

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