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3DXChat.com is a porn game that will speak for itself, right from the beginning and right when you will enter the homepage. It is a multiplayer online 3D sex game and you will encounter a virtual world where everything is possible, when it comes to having sex.

We know how real / social life is and we know the fact that even if we want to do some things and even if we have the resources for it, we will not do it because people will judge us. Or maybe we are just shy! Or just plain old ugly! No matter what reasons we have in our backpack, we cannot put our fantasies at work. That’s why 3DXChat is so great! It will help us evolve into that dirty minded human beings that we really are.

It has an amazing community and you will be able to see some trailers from ingame on the front page. If you want real partners to have virtual sex with, this is the right place to be. It is downloadable and this means that you will need to take down their client, which is free. Trust me, this game is drop dead amazing, for cyberfuck sake!

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