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I think you guys know that when it comes to adult entertainment, the niche I’m big on right now is Asians. I had a thing with a Japanese girl that I’ve mentioned elsewhere and while it has ended, the fact that Top1Porn.com is here today with some incredibly hot looking Japanese women having sex, I’m pretty excited to get down and dirty with a type of woman I’m seriously hot for.

So this place operates as a sort of portal for some of the biggest DVD productions out there. We are talking high quality, well produced entertainment that is available for download or stream depending on the specific scene in question. You’ll likely want to use this site if you have a long-term approach to porn. It’s easy to come in and jerk off real quick, but with 1080p quality DVD releases, you really can’t go wrong with giving yourself time to enjoy all of the material.

Top 1 Porn is ran by a massive fan of Asian porn videos and to me, that makes it a great destination that is about the product first and making money second.

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