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It’s a porn website! And it has free JAV content. And the layout is pretty good. Not as good as you think, but pretty good when it comes to a platform of this kind. I mean, it works smooth, it does its job as it should and you can do your thing! What thing? Fapping, of course! That’s why you are here, right?

The navigation bar will give you access to Videos, Categories (uncensored, censored, JAV hot) and to a Models index. If you want to find something specific, don’t hesitate to use the search box. The homepage will start with a slider where (probably) they show featured scenes. Underneath, you can go with the newest videos. Scroll to reach the section Most Viewed This Week. Scroll even more for Most Rated This Week.

In the footer you will have their newest searches: Shinozaki, glam, stimulany, college, Matuer, Mona, deep, drilled, public, Mizano, Lolicon, Squurt, beed, stattion, hairy, moritani, peeing, asuka, babysiter. Remember that I have done a copy / paste, so don’t judge me for the typos. Some weird people out there, don’t you think? Click on the screenshot and start your visit on JAVFree.org. Guess what: It’s free! D’oh …

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