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When you visit the homepage of Smutty.com, you get a description that says: ‘Hello, my name is smutty. I’m a simple, collaboratively curated collection of arousing pictures and videos’. I know it’s quite the mouthful, but it’s actually quite a good reflection of what this site is all about when it comes to the good old world of porn.

What you’ll find is a sort of blend between Twitter and Pintrest, where people submit porn images and videos of all different natures and that users of the website comment, rate and interact with. The most popular material is displayed closer to the top and as it begins to age, more fresh stuff is added. Simple idea, right? It’s executed pretty damn well too.

On the homepage of Smutty, I found a GIF of MissAlice18 – my favorite camgirl in the entire world. After clicking her hashtag, I found that there’s a heap more of this girl on the site, as well as a number of other ladies that guys go crazy for. It’s a pretty new idea to porn, but it’s pretty great!

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