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You know how there are all of those twentysomething chicks that used to troll Tumblr in order to find shitty images to share that showed off dumb bullshit like cupcakes, cats and cute knitted scarves? Well Image Zog is sort of like a male NSFW version of that. The Pintrest clone is designed to provide you with a way to look through multiple sources of porn based on a variety of fetishes in a clean, simple interface fashion to minimize unnecessary screen usage and maximize the display of porn.

Image Zog has a hell of a lot of GIFs and they load very quickly. The site is easy to navigate by scrolling down and if you find a particular girl, sex position or niche that you enjoy, simply click on the photo and look through other pins from the same person or those in the same niche. It’s really simple to understand and if you want a quick way to look at porn in a real Web 2.0 fashion, this is the way to go.

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