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No, soldier! It’s not about the Vietnam war. Yes, the layout is, indeed, written in vietnamese, but you will see no Rambo around here. It’s a porn tube like any other, with a little bit of a difference: they share asian sex … with some focus on the viet porn. Do you remember the M.A.S.H. series? Well, it has nothing to do with Vietnam, since it was about the war in Korea. Still, for some reason this website made me think of that …

I guess that you understand the fact that a porn tube will work the same on any language and in every country. I am not sure how the North Korean tubes work, but if I will try to find out, I will probably be shot to death. The homepage of ShowJav.com will give you their latest updates and every post will be done under a thumbnail. They claim to have the best (roleplay, I hope) JAV incest porn. Unfortunately, you will have no previews under these screen captures. Scroll to reach the menu that will allow you to see more and more additions.

If you have been in Hanoi and you’ve learned some adult entertainment keywords, use them in the search box that can be found near the header. Go!

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