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Porn Maxim is a search engine with a twist: instead of focusing on giving you relevant search results for anything you could possibly want, it instead decides to localize its searches to the realm of adult entertainment. Put simply, instead of having to use places like Google and Bing to source porn, you can go to PornMaxim.com and deal with an engine that has been custom-made for adult entertainment.

After entering a phrase to search, you’ll be presented with a bunch of video links that are relevant to the phrase you picked. Note that there are a few adverts dotted throughout all of the scenes, but typically no more than one in 6 are devoted to offering you a paid product placement.

The site runs fast and does exactly what it sets out to do. I actually quite like the fact it doesn’t display pictures: in the modern era, who wants to go through images of porn when it’s available for you in video format?

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