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When you’re looking for a specific category of porn and you’re not sure which tube sites are the ones you need to be viewing, Find Tubes will come in handy. It’s a simple little site, very basic and minimalist in design but it gets results, and quickly.

This site is a search engine that trawls through multiple tube sites to bring you the content you want. When you load the homepage you’re faced with a search form where if you start typing what you want, it will provide search suggestions. I decided to search for Lesbians and it gave me options like lesbian anal, lesbian strapon and many more.

Once you click the search button, you’re taken to a new page with all content that matches your search terms. This content is from plenty of tube sites and each thumbnail is accompanied with a title, duration and which site it was uploaded to. If you click on any of the thumbnails, each specific site will load and you’ll be able to play your movie!

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