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When I first saw this site I thought it was primarily for hosting your own porn movies but how wrong was I! Not only can you host your own amateur pornos and share them with users but you can view other peoples submitted clips. Proper amateur porn at its best!

On the homepage you’ll notice some pretty big buttons. These are for uploading and saving your own porn. If you’re not into making your own clips and just want to browse, you can scroll down and see the newest movies that have been uploaded. This can be easily changed to top rated, most viewed or longest video clips.

Everything is all mixed here, so you’ll get softcore, hardcore and gay porn in one place. You might have to sift through some crap to get to what you want. This is where the categories page comes in. If you don’t want the surprise of two guys sucking cock appearing on your screen, get to categories and choose what you are looking for. Everything is here from big tits, hairy, public and even shemale. The clips all seem to be around 5 to 6 minutes with some longer.

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