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You will see EroShare.com listed into another category here on my website and you will notice there my opinion about it. I fucking love this hosting website. Not only because it shares free photo and video hosting, but because of the way the author deals with the website, its visitors and its users. It is like when your girlfriend writes you a love letter and she tells you so many fine, from her soul, things and in the end she says “From Sarah, with love!”. This is how I see this place, a porn-friendly hosting service that was done out of love for porn and from a filthy and dirty, filled with adult entertainment, heart.

EroShare.com is that one place where you need to come if you want to upload your porn materials, but you don’t want to see them rejected after a few days or even deleted.

We all collect different things … Some of us collect porn and for those of you who do so, EroShare will be exactly what you need. Instead of buying more and more memory for your old desktop PC, you could register a free account in here and upload anything you want.

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