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Want porn links and want them now? Then I might suggest you head on over to Master Wanker. With a byline of ‘Oh yes, there will be daily free porn’, I can see anyone that wants a regular update of the latest adult material really finding themselves at home here. After all, they are the masters of wanking, right?

The content seems to come in about a dozen times per day and features multiple types of porn. You’ll see sex tourists, housewives enjoying BBC, sexy college amateur babes jerking their boyfriends off and a bunch of stuff in between. Note that Master Wanker is a big supplier of videos – they don’t seem to care too much for the image side of adult entertainment.

Clicking on the video links will take you through to external sites where they have uploaded their content. They use a few different sources and I think they’re pretty much owned and operated by the same guy that just likes to spread his adult material far and wide.

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