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Entensity.com is a porn website where you will see a lot of dump links. They use a dog (probably) as logo and they are the only ones who know why they are doing it. If you want a forum, they have one. If you want GIFs, you will have a few and if you want to submit your stuff, Entensity will allow you. They are doing daily updates and the navigation bar will show all from above.

On the homepage you will (probably) see their latest additions and some of them will be shown under thumbnails. Don’t scroll to reach the menu where you can browse beetween pages, because you will do that for a week and still you won’t find it. Use the Archives page! The sidebar has sections for features and more.

I know that these websites are not the most user-friendly and it is pretty hard to understand what you will find on a website that shares porn links. Still, after you will visit Entensity and after you will browse a little on it, you will know how things work and what exactly happens here. Click the screenshot and get used to it! Try a bookmark!

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