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You know that I share the best adult games, right? Today I will show you another one, called HotCandyLand.com. Since they are using a warning, I should do the same. It seems that the gameplay contains a lot of satire and parody. And nudity, of course! So it is NSFW, but I think that you already figured that out yourself, because you are on a porn website. You knew that, right?

It is free to play and it is a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online). In this game, you will be able to be the king of the adult industry, like I am in real life. The Open Beta is over and it is now time to proceed with a registration, to see what surprises they prepared for you, after public’s feedback. Two hot babes will guide you right from the start in the city of Pornwood.

I have always been a fan of porn and a big fan of games. When I can combine those two, let me tell you – I can lose my mind. Last time I wrote a review for a porn MMO, I disappeared for 2 weeks. But, it was worth it, because I’ve found 2Pac.

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