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I can’t be entirely sure what the ‘tuna’ part of Hollywood Tuna means, but the former part is definitely a testament to the fact that this place specializes in the publication of gossip and sexy endeavors of people that are in the entertainment industry. Hollywood Tuna puts out new posts on a weekly basis that look at a famous babe either stripping down, showing off or otherwise revealing her sexuality.

There are lots of women on the site and they cover everything from sexy selfies through to runway outfits. Nothing is really off-limits for Hollywood Tuna, all they do is make sure you get real good celebrity nudity information and releases.

I should make it clear that this site isn’t as nude-focused as a lot of other places, and looks at what I’d consider to be the more erotic and sensual side of celebrity sexuality. Though as I always say, a girl doesn’t have to be naked in order for her to be pretty damn sexy.

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