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Drago99 is a celebrity site that shows you dozens of hot, famous chicks in various states of undress. The thing that will likely hit you from the get go here at Drago99 is the fact that the site is very … basic. I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me that this was one of the first websites on the Internet, because it uses very basic HTML in order to display all of the content that they have available. My advice is to use the search function on your browser if you really want to find a specific celebrity.

The site updates regularly with new releases and has a few links out to other sites that you might find interesting. You’ll find names on Drago99 ranging from Augie Duke through to Zooey Deschanel. No matter who you’re looking for, chances are that Drago99.com has at least a few tasty treats of that person for you to enjoy. So, if you want to relive the world of looking for celebrity porn as it was 10 years ago, pay a visit to Drago99.

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