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FreeJAV.us will give you free Japanese adult videos! Nothing else, nothing more. But, if you have adblock enabled they will not allow you to enter. How funny is that? I have adblock on, because I hate ads. I disabled it, of course, because otherwise, you would not have this review. I am now on the homepage and I can see their content. They deal with a lot of japanese sex clips and I think that everything is under HD and high quality of production.

The navigation bar has a few options that might interest you: categories (where you will see some porn studio names that you can pick), new movies (where you will have the latest updates), uncensored, censored and some other buttons that will allow you to browse around. The sidebar will help you filter their materials by seeing the top uncensored / censored views of the day and by giving you a tags cloud with links to the same studios that can be seen in their main menu.

All their additions are posted under a thumbnail and you will know the length of it, the title and the name of the pornstar featured in the video. Click on the screenshot now!

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