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We’ve all heard of celebrity fakes, where someone takes a porn photo and sticks the head of a famous celebrity on, to make it look like it was that actual celebrity involved in all sorts of debauchery! Famous board is a forum full of celebrity fakes where you can simply browse or even upload your own if you make them!

Now let me warn you, some of these fakes are terrible, and you might as well have stuck the head of a babe onto a man, they are so obviously fake it’s unreal. Take Jenna-Louise Coleman for example (Dr Who’s latest assistant), now I’m pretty sure she looks awesome naked, but not when her head is stuck on a fake titted bimbo!

The forum is free to join, but you don’t need to if you just want to view the content. There are other forums here to browse too including faking contests where people compete to create the best celebrity fake. All in all, it’s a nice little community if you like this sort of thing.

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