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This site is pretty self explanatory, CFake is a celebrity fakes site where people with far too much time on their hands use computer graphics programs to merge porn with celebrities faces. Some of them are pretty realistic, and others are absolute crap.

The homepage is filled with newest images and a number of top ratings. Top celebrity, top sex category and top created are all options here. One good thing about this site is that you’re unlikely to ever see Emma Watson sucking cock or Megan Fox completely nude.. and this site turns those fantasies into a sort of reality with these celebrity fakes!

If you click on images you are taken to a page with even more fake photos, and there is even a videos page. These videos are very short clips of celebrities playing with dildos, fucking and sucking – just remember it’s not really them! The celebrities page has an A-Z listing of celebrities to choose from and what’s pretty neat is that it displays the number of photos that are on the site next to their names.

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