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Don’t ask me from where the name comes, because I have no idea! Maybe one of the authors or the webmaster himself was born in ’85. Or maybe, he has 85 years old. Or maybe it is a random number, or the number of asian babes that he fucked until now. And to be honest, I don’t really care. Have you ever seen me awake in the middle of the night thinking of a domain name?

85Porn.net is a porn tube that has only and exclusively asian porn materials. It will start with its being watched now videos and it will continue with the favorites. Scroll to reach the latest section. You need to know that the design of this layout doesn’t have a menu from where you can browse between pages. Every section has buttons where you can click to see more videos from within that particular group.

As always, every update has a thumbnail and it is good to see that, if you will hold your mouse pointer on any, you will have a preview that will run around under your eyes. You will know the title of the scene, date, number of views and the rating.

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