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XTube is a site that caters for everyone. When you first load the site you’ll be asked if you are male or female and which sex you prefer, so that you don’t get any nasty surprises when you’re searching through free porn!

This site is well designed which doesn’t distract from the porn. The videos being watched and latest videos are on display on the homepage however you’ll notice quite a few really short video clips. If you click on videos, you can use the options bar on the right to filter your porn down by category and sort the movies in a variety of ways including most viewed, best rated and length. You’ll be glad to know that if you click on length, there are some much longer movies here.

The Amateurs section contains more amateur shot movies rather than pro studio so this section is great if this kind of content is your thing. Categories available are quite limited but contain all the usual things you’ll be searching for. Just don’t expect any tickling or balloon fetish options here!

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