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You ever get a special type of desire to sleep with a black chick? Well WomenOfColor is perfect for you if so, because they focus on nothing but the best in hot black chicks that are hot, attractive, naked and looking for some fun. Note that WomenOfColor doesn’t allow for hardcore material to be uploaded, nor does it accept content featuring models below the age of 21.

Submissions here are quite regularly with a number of different people offering up content of both an amateur and professional nature. The black chicks are your classic ebony archetype with a slight lean toward those ghetto chicks guys go crazy for. Now I’m not saying they’re from The Projects, but it seems obvious to me that these girls are quite ‘hood’, if you catch my drift.

The subreddit currently has 34,000 subscribers and uses Imgur as its host of choice. Comments are policed quite a bit and they have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to racism.

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