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WetChan is another image board that follows on from a similar style to the infamous 4Chan. it claims to be a ‘simple image board where anyone can share pictures and write comments’. After looking around for a few minutes, I can confirm that this is indeed the main purpose of WetChan!

The niches covered on this site appear to be very focused toward amateur content and teen girls. There are 4 main boards: amateur girls, amateur porn, models and requests. Looking through the archives, I was pleased to see that there were very few pieces of content I would consider to be recycled or seen before. Fresh amateur porn is always a bonus, so thumbs up to the guys here that make it happen.

As for the design, there’s really not much to say except for the fact that all posts have to be approved before being accepted. This isn’t the best policy, and to be honest, it makes WetChan a little less desirable than the alternatives.

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