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I’m not a fan of the whole ‘it’s just a herb, man™” Reddit circlejerk, but I figured it wouldn’t be fair for me to cover this site without mentioning /r/TreesGoneWild. Yes, as if the world of stoner culture couldn’t get any less appetizing, now people are sharing their 420 pictures on Reddit where they openly flaunt their ‘waking and baking’ in an erotic fashion.

The subreddit has over 60,000 subscribers and while both men and women are encouraged to post, it’s pretty much all chicks because not many stoner babes wanna look at some college dropout’s dong next to a fat nugget.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of the herb and want to enjoy some amateur porn content that revolves around chicks that are all about Bob Marley, beanies and dreadlocks, check out /r/TreesGoneWild because that’s basically the bread and butter of this subreddit.

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