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While I’m a big fan of porn and I use Reddit a lot, there aren’t too many subreddits in the NSFW category that I’m actually subscribed to. One that does interest me is /r/TightDresses, and with 75,000 readers, I’m not the only person that loves seeing a hot chick in a form-fitting dress that looks absolutely fantastic on her incredible body. It’s a simple pleasure, and while not strictly pornographic, the material on this subreddit is just as fap worthy as anything else out there.

The great thing about /r/TightDresses is that there’s a good mixture of professional content and amateur submissions. What with Instagram getting loads of sexy sluts out there in the lime light and people constantly stalking gorgeous girls, it only stands to reason that some everyday chicks sporting incredible dresses will appear. Professional content is also posted, but to be honest, 80% of the stuff here features women that aren’t famous in the slightest. New content rolls in regularly, with a new post typically arriving once every two hours.

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