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/r/Thick is all about girls that are thick. It doesn’t allow porn or sex – just submissions of babes with huge asses, shapely tits and good proportions. Note that Thick isn’t a place where those fat feminists are gonna find material that endorses their love of cake – the girls here aren’t really chubby, but perfectly proportioned for your viewing pleasure. The guys like big asses, but thick thighs have also made quite the impression as of late – it’s a real mixed bag. I think the best way to describe it is if you took /r/Skinny and /r/Thick and combined the two, you’d get what many would consider to be a ‘normal’ chick.

The subreddit has 72,000 readers and new submissions are made about ten times a day. You’re welcome to head on over there and offer your own material as well – the community is all about you showing what you think is perfect when it comes to the niche of thick chicks.

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