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It’s funny, because The YNC is quite similar to NYC. It describes itself as being a location for daily news, shocking videos and humorous stories. They’ve got a section on the site devoted to babes, and that’s pretty much what we’re looking at here. The weird and the wonderful is really portrayed in their porn catalog. I saw videos of guys getting burnt with cigarettes, amateur school blowjobs and that recent library campus stripping video that has really been doing the rounds on the Internet.

I think that TheYNC is a better version of eFukt, seeing as the design for this place is pretty damn modern. The videos typically have around 40-50 thousand views so to be honest, I’m not entirely convinced this is a real underground site. Regardless, if you want to get yourself a nice mixture of brutal porn, erotic amateur action and anything else that might be interesting or relevant to the porn industry, this is the place for you. I approve of the site and suggest you check it out just to see what’s new on the porn front of the Internet.

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