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The Fappening was a huge event that went down in history, and from it, a lot of websites were born where you get to see images of some of the hottest celebrities around nude and getting rude. One such destination for this type of material is TheFappening.wiki – that’s right, instead of .com or whatever, this place is .wiki — how cool is that?

Anyway, the whole purpose of this site is to show you some of the most famous people in the world in various states of undress. It functions a little like a wiki and to date, they have just shy of 9,000 images for you to take a look at. Names range from Katy Perry and Selena Gomez through to Nicki Minaj and of course, Jennifer Lawrence.

While I’m not entirely sold on the legitimacy of the whole spectacle and I think it sucks that these images got leaked, the fact is that they’re out there whether I like it or not. Now, to make your life easier, I’ve gone ahead and given The Fappening my thumbs up. The design of the site is very clean and allows you to look through the images with very little downtime.

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