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Suck Sex might not be the best name for a site, but with its commitment to Indian porn, you can’t really fault its production or focus. SuckSex.com describes itself as being the #1 Indian sex magazine and after spending a good amount of time looking around, I’m very happy with what I’m seeing here.

So, what is Suck Sex? Well, it’s not a tube site, or a photo gallery, or a sex story archive – instead, it’s a mixture of all three. The homepage is basically like a stream of entertainment, with photo shoots, amateur porn videos and sex stories all combined into one fantastic package that constantly evolves and updates. The site literally has one of the hottest designs I’ve ever come across, so two thumbs up to the guys over at Suck Sex for keeping it real with that gorgeous display system.

There are categories on the left-hand side of the homepage if you want to see a specific type of content and the header contains links to sub-pages for videos, pictures and erotica. All in all, a fantastic hub for Indian adult entertainment.

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