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I thought I’d give you a break from all of that messy porn stuff and instead suggest you check out a place for Christmas gift ideas. Okay, I’m lying, and it’s actually the case that /r/Stockings is where you’ll find sexy chicks donning forms of legwear that make them look incredible.

From the looks of things, most of the content here is in the stockings category, although I would also hazard a guess that quite a few submissions are of women wearing over the knee socks.One of the subreddit rules is that you cannot submit pantyhose images, but that’s not because they absolutely hate that type of content, just that the /r/Pantyhose subreddit is much more suitable for that kind of content.

/r/Stockings doesn’t allow any original content or self-shots, which I find to be a bad rule. They also don’t have a 100% policy on the material needing to be nude or erotic in nature. All in all, not bad for the niche in question but certainly a few improvements to be made.

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